What do I charge?

Hourly – I charge £27 per hour, rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes. A time report is sent with each invoice for you.

Retainer – These are popular with my clients. You retain my time for a set amount of hours each month to secure my services. I keep a track of how much time I have worked and let you know when you are close to your limit.

Time worked is tracked via a reliable time tracking service and a copy of the report will be included with your invoice on a weekly or monthly basis, your choice.


A Contract along with a Data Protection Agreement will be issued after our initial consultation and agreement to commence. Work will then begin once the agreements have been signed and returned.

You know you need help but not quite sure what with.

Contact me for a free one hour chat to discuss your requirements and bounce some ideas on how to make running your business easier and give you back your time…….