Virtual Assistant – giving you back your time…..

Need more Time??

A Virtual Assistant aka Virtual PA or Freelance Administrator (whatever you want to call one) can deal with all your day to day mundane administration that you just don’t have the time for or ‘can’t be bothered’ with but know it needs to be done!

Your to-do list is getting longer and you don’t know what to tackle first. You know you need help but don’t really want to take on an employee.

This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in…

A Virtual Assistant is just that – a Freelance Admin Assistant that works Virtually!

You don’t need to –

  • Provide a desk or space,
  • Pay sickness or holidays,
  • Deal with PAYE and Employer national insurance contributions.

It’s easy! All you do is pay for the work that needs to be done on either an ad-hoc basis or a contractual basis. The choice is yours.

You know you need help but not quite sure what with. Contact me for a Free One Hour chat to discuss your requirements and bounce some ideas on how to make running your business easier and give you back your time.